Site Goals

So I wanted to put something up here mostly so that the section isn't completely empty, but also as a sort of mission statement that can make sure that we are progressing the site in the intended way. The idea was a result of a few friends debating the merits of various hangboarding protocols. After going home and looking at the research I realized how difficult it is to work out what is going to be most useful for you as an individual hoping to improve.

So I set out with the goal to create a sort of self-feeding climbing statistic machine. The first job was to create a helpful and easy-to-use training app, then with all that data we would be able to work on quantifying the effectiveness of different training protocols. The ability to share and copy certain plans and workouts from others is a good way to widen the group. All this data plus users' climbing and self-assessment results should at least yield some useful conclusions.

In addition to helping veterans of climbing training I really hope to be able to provide training initiates with some proven workouts that have had real results for others climbing at the same level and with a similar climbing history. I really think if we get enough of a community using the site and providing their results it will become an incredibly useful tool for all climbers.

Another aspect I'm hoping will be a possibility here is that people will be kind enough to write articles in order to share their research (possibly using data from the site) for the edification of the community. If you are interested in contributing, please contact me (there's a "comment/suggestion" link in the footer that works best).

Anyway, that's my spiel. I really hope to turn this into something that is useful for all climbers, so please let me know if there's anything that can be added or improved upon.